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Edisonia Vizslas
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Luna our soft mouthed Vizsla Pointer with live quail after find in an AKC hunt test for pointer dogs conducted by Tampa Bay Vizsla Club.  Luna has always loved to put a bird – quail or pheasant - in her mouth, even as a Vizsla puppy.

Our Vizslas

Like a Potato Chip, We Started With Just One...

We used to be a one Vizsla family, but loved the experience so much we decided to breed our foundation "bitch" – CH Egri Luna Bella of Edisonia JH VC CGC – so we would always have a "piece" of her in our lives. With the help of our breeder Mary Rathbun, Adele Neupert & Jean Matmor, and after considerable research on both health and behavioral traits, we mated Luna with an extraordinary dog owned by Tony & Lois Smid - BISS DC/AFC Am/Can CH Arsla & Auburn’s Sunny Boy MH ROM CGC

On September 24, 2009 Luna gave birth to eight healthy Vizsla puppies.  Luna's care for her pups was incredible and she remains an awesome mom to her pups that she sees regularly.  We have also been blessed in that the families of those pups that we were not previously close to have become friends and extended members of our family. 

The puppy we selected to keep was the blue ribbon pup Cosmo, whose registered name including current titles is Edisonia's Chosen Cosmos Of Sunny Boy & Luna Bella JH CGC.  Cosmo takes after his mom in that he is on the large side of the breed standard and like both of his parents is very birdie - loves to hunt!  He enjoyed a great South Dakota Pheasant hunt at two years of age, has three points towards his ring championship, has his Junior Hunter and we have plans to provide him the opportunities to earn his titles in both field & ring in the years to come.

Luna - our first V that will forever be our "heart dog" came into our lives under unique circumstances. We were to get a different pup of sire Egri I Like Ike, a male that tragically drowned in a freak accident before old enough to come home to us. So thereafter we were introduced to Mary Rathbun of Egri Vizslas in Louisiana, and after we passed our multiple interviews - I joke it would have been easier to adopt a child from a foreign country - Luna became the first red dog member of our family and forever changed our lives.  To quote my wife Ginny, "I thought we were getting a dog, not a new life style!"

I only wanted a pet Vizsla, one that would be my companion at home and at the office. Play fetch, that kind of thing. That was not to be, as Luna is not an ordinary Vizsla – and every other “V owner” will tell you the same about their Vizsla. There is no such thing as an ordinary Vizsla, as each of these incredibly spirited canines possess innate talents.

We have been blessed with great mentorship and friendship by other Vizsla families who have enriched our experiences. Luna's breeder, Mary Rathbun, has been an incredible mentor from the beginning, exemplifying all of what a great breeder should be and a roll model for me to follow. Adele & Dr. Eddie Neupert have become extend family as they not only had Luna’s sire Ike, but also have Luna’s full sister and almost mirror image Carter - BISS CH Egri Vermilion Valleyhunter Carter, JH.  Jean Matmor of Valley Hunter Vizslas, who shares Luna’s registration, opened the door for me to this red dog world and I call her my V Godmother. All three plus literally dozens of incredibly helpful, caring souls met and friendships made through our memberships in Vizsla clubs and online have enrich our Vizsla experience.

Luna's accomplishments as of August 2012 include:

  • AKC Championship, including two 5-point majors
  • AKC Junior Hunter
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen
  • Vizsla Club of America Versatility Certificate
  • Producing 8 pups including one Grand Champion, one Champion, two additional pointed dogs, two Junior Hunters & three Canine Good Citizens

Click here for a complete list of Luna’s AKC awards record.  In addition to the Luna's official achievements, she has enjoyed two pheasant hunting trips to South Dakota (that's her as the feature photo of our Gallery page) and two quail hunts at the Lykes Brothers’ Silver Lake Preserve in La Belle, Florida. She's one birdie bitch and my muse in writing a blues tune called "The Red Dog Blues".  And she continues to provide us with tons of loving each and every day!

Cosmo - Da' Coz also known as "Coz the Schnoz" is one goofy loving, birdie boy!  He was always one of the two male pups we considered keeping and became "the one" after litter assessments by both Jean Matmor and Doris Ratzlaff.  Cosmo is so appropriately named as he enters a room much like the Seinfeld character Cosmo Kramer.  His enthusiasm is over-the-top and my wife Ginny likes to say he's our Scooby to my Shaggy.

Cosmo exemplifies the velcro dog trait of Vizslas, as he loves to lay his head on any part of our bodies he can, be it feet on the floor or legs on the sofa or bed.  He is a nose nibbler in the mornings (one trait I wish he didn't have) and can get over excited upon hearing the names of his two local littermates or asked "want to hunt birds?" 

We are currently training the boy to be steady to wing and he is showing great promise as he is far more biddable than his hard headed mother. Cosmo's accomplishments as of August 2012 include:

  • Three points towards his AKC Championship
  • AKC Junior Hunter
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen

He has enjoyed one South Dakota pheasant hunt at two years of age - he did beautifully - and I'm looking forward to being able to work with him in building his accomplishments that surpass him mom and possibly rival his dad.  He's my boy and I know he'll go far!







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